New Agency for the Land Registry

We inform you that according to Law 4512/2018, the company National Land Registry and Mapping SA. (E.K.X.A. S.A.) is abolished and the N.P.D.D. is established in its place. under the name “HELLINIKO KTIMATOLOGIO”, under the supervision of the Minister of Environment & Energy.

HELLENIC LAND ESTATE enters as a universal successor in the position of E.K.X.A. S.A. and automatically to all the powers, rights, obligations and other legal relationships of E.K.X.A. S.A.

The Agency is responsible in particular for:

A) The compilation, maintenance, updating and operation of the National Land Registry in accordance with what is defined in laws 2308/1995 and 2664/1998.

B) The observance, updating and operation of the system of Transfers and Mortgages in the Agency’s Land Offices and Branches, which will be established gradually, based on the decisions of par. 7 of article 1 of Law 4512/2018.

C) The drafting, updating, maintenance and revision of basic and derived topographic maps and topographic diagrams.

D) The design, development, organization, operation and management of systems necessary for the creation and management of geodetic material related to its purpose.

E) The planning, execution and control of photogrammetric and telescopic works from the acquisition of aerial photographs and satellite images to the final performance, to meet the needs of the Agency, the Greek State, Local Government Organizations and Legal Entities under Public Law.

F) The organization and maintenance of digital geospatial data bases.​​