Service Description

Preparation of land registry studies

Our company, in the context of land registry studies, has staffed a department of highly trained personnel specializing in preparing land registry studies.

“The compilation of the land registry (‘cadastre’) of an area is defined as the process of recording the in rem or other registrable rights (e.g., full or bare ownership, usufruct, notation, or other in rem burden, etc.) held by natural or legal persons on real estate in a specific area of the country, and the association of these rights with specific real estate, as defined and depicted following control procedures and technical processing in the cadastral diagrams.”

During the recording of an in rem right, a series of legal information is also recorded (registry details and identity information of the beneficiary, the method of acquisition of the right, details of the act through which the right was acquired, etc.). Additionally, the land plots are depicted in the cadastral diagrams in an absolute manner with specific coordinates of vertices in the National Geodetic Reference System (EGSA 87), boundary lines, and areas.

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